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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream

3 words...


If you haven't tried any B.B. creams yet, Garnier is the way to go!! Being oil-free, it's perfect for my skin. It has moisturizers, sun screen, and so much more! I received my free full sized Garnier B.B. Cream through BzzAgent!

Garnier's B.B. Cream helped moisturize me skin while making it look clean and flawless at the same time! I have blemishes and it covered them up!

Garnier's B.B. Cream can be used alone, or like I did, with loose powder in your everyday make up routine. No need to apply more than once because it lasts all day! And as a server in a busy restaurant, that is awesome!

Thanks BzzAgent!!!

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